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Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Five years after the concept of Frailparks was first made public we are ready to go into action. All Frailparks will be owned and managed by the residents themselves, providing the basic services needed by full-timers on a shared by all basis. Interested parties may join our f/b group “Mobile Retirement Lobby Group of South Africa” started with the view of lobbying goverment for the changes necessary to legalise retirement on wheels. This is also from where we lead the nine provincial f/b groups. You will be asked to join the provincial group “Aftree op wiele in (your province)” where you will help like-minded friends to realise the dream of living in your own caravan on your own site but still having the "Elderly" services available as if living in an ordenary retirement resort. "Aftree op wiele in Gauteng" is ahead with more than 300 f/b group members, with "Aftree op Wiele in Weskaap" second with 100 plus members. The groups will soon change into action groups and meet to formalize their actions.
We are also developing “Friend Retreats" in South Africa to help pensioners that own a house but need extra cash. Only one caravan site is to be developed in your backyard with electricity and water made available to fulltimers on a monthly basis. Booking (at no charge) will be handled by Campmore4less and renting to members only.
For those fans that missed our explanery notes of the past, these are the main points:
  • Friendparks are for fulltimers touring through South Africa
  • Monthly accommodation tariffs apply - from +-R1,000.00 per month per couple
  • Minimum stay one month, maximum stay three months
  • Residents must be over 55, your visiters adults only
  • You must be a Campmore4less member
Fulltimers will book their site at least one month in advance through Campmore4less. On arrival you will be met by the home owner and helped to settle in. Arrive a stranger, leave as a friend.

We need property owners on or near main routes to join us as Friend Retreat owners. Send us an email for more info to: and if it’s not for yourself tell a friend how to make an extra R1,000.00 p/m with a Friend Retreat.